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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol. 87, n°7, juillet 2017

  • LGBTQ Youth's Views on Gay-Straight Alliances: Building Community, Providing Gateways, and Representing Safety and Support, Carolyn M. Porta, Erin Singer, Christopher J. Mehus, Amy L. Gower, Elizabeth Saewyc, Windy Fredkove and Marla E. Eisenberg
  • Food Availability in School Stores in Seoul, South Korea After Implementation of Food- and Nutrient-Based Policies, Seul Ki Choi, Edward A. Frongillo, Christine E. Blake and James F. Thrasher
  • Implementation of a Computerized Tablet-Survey in an Adolescent Large-Scale, School-Based Study, Joanne Delk, Melissa B. Harrell, Tala H.I. Fakhouri, Katelyn A. Muir and Cheryl L. Perry
  • Student Voices: Perspectives on Peer-to-Peer Sexual Health Education, Carolyn Layzer, Lauren Rosapep and Sherry Barr
  • School Nurse-Delivered Adolescent Relationship Abuse Prevention, Claire A. Raible, Rebecca Dick, Fern Gilkerson, Cheryl S. Mattern, Lisa James and Elizabeth Miller
  • Changes in Physical Activity in the School, Afterschool, and Evening Periods During the Transition From Elementary to Middle School, Erica Y. Lau, Marsha Dowda, Kerry L. McIver and Russell R. Pate
  • Implementing and Evaluating Environmental and Policy Interventions for Promoting Physical Activity in Rural Schools, Elizabeth A. Baker, Michael Elliott, Ellen Barnidge, Amy Estlund, Ross C. Brownson, Anne Milne, Freda Kershaw and Derek Hashimoto
  • Evaluation of Unintended Social and Economic Consequences of an Unplanned School Closure in Rural Illinois, Victoria Tsai, Nomana M. Khan, Jianrong Shi, Jeanette Rainey, Hongjiang Gao and Yenlik Zheteyeva
  • Educational Outcomes Associated With School Behavioral Health Interventions: A Review of the Literature, Courtney Kase, Sharon Hoover, Gina Boyd, Kristina D. West, Joel Dubenitz, Pamala A. Trivedi, Hilary J. Peterson and Bradley D. Stein

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