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UALL 2019 Annual Conference - Lifelong Learning and Innovation

Date :  du 10-04-2019 au 12-04-2019

Lieu :  University of Wolverhampton, Telford

Organisation :  Universities association for lifelong learning (UALL)

Programme : 

The Conference is being held in Telford, the home of the industrial revolution and in keeping with this there are three themes that the conference will focus on:

  • Learning and Place:
    focusing on where innovation occurs including both the role of learning in responding to innovation and new initiatives linked to place and the way learning is embedded in it, for example, Learning Cities, Towns or Communities, or learning in the changing context of work, leisure, family, travel and tourism
  • Transformational change:
    focusing on how innovation occurs and the link to Lifelong Learning for example emerging technologies, practice based approaches
  • Innovation in Daily Life and Lifelong Learning:
    focusing on ensuring that innovation is shared by all for example innovative inclusive or accessible responses to learning in work, leisure, travel education

The Conference is underpinned by three principles :

  • Inclusion
  • Sustainable future
  • Lifelong Learning practice in order to respond to a changing world 

Submissions are invited for papers, workshops and posters in line with the conference themes.


mot(s) clé(s) :  enseignement supérieur, relation formation - emploi