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The Curriculum Journal

Référence :  Vol. 35, n°1, mars 2024

Thème :  Towards Curricular Entanglements: Extending, Complicating, and (Re)imagining Curriculum Work


Guest Editor: Steven Hodge

  • Towards curricular entanglements: Extending, complicating and (re)imagining curriculum work, Steven Hodge
  • Curriculum work and hermeneutics, Steven Hodge
  • Early career primary teachers' curriculum-making experiences: Enablers and constraints to knowledge-led forms of curriculum-making, Phillip Poulton, Nicole Mockler
  • Teachers' interpretation of curriculum as a window into ‘curriculum potential’, Emily Ross
  • Curriculum in special school contexts: A collaged framework for personalised, individual student learning, Michelle Ronksley-Pavia
  • Undoing discourses of deficit with EAL learners: The centrality of social relations in teachers' curriculum work, Jennifer Alford
  • Educators engaged in curriculum work: Encounters with relationally responsive curriculum practices, Greg Vass, David Coombs, Annette Woods, Kevin Lowe
  • Curriculum as invader: Normalising white place in the Australian curriculum, Bryan Smith
  • Curriculum in Professional Practice: Opening a forum for co-production and innovation by and for professionals, Grace Healy, Matthew Courtney, Hermione Paddle, Letizia Riddell
  • The criticality of sensemaking in climate change education: Closing the gap between information gathering and curriculum making in schools, Heena Dave, Leigh Hoath
  • Fostering reflection in the intercultural classroom: What is the value?, Fabrizia A. C. Flynn
  • ‘Learning about research was confusing until we started creating our own questions and research’: Enacting student voice through a ‘Students as Enquirers’ project, Kate Wall, Amy Hanna, Kathryn McCrorie, William Quirke, Nova Lauder-Scott, Rebekah Sims, Lorna Ross, Elizabeth, Marysia, Brooke, Amy, Freya, Sophie

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mot(s) clé(s) :  curriculum et programmes d'enseignement, recherche en éducation