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The Curriculum Journal


The Curriculum Journal is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original contributions to the study of curriculum theory, as well as curriculum-making practices. It encompasses issues relating to governance and policy development, teacher professional learning, assessment and pedagogy, insofar as they pertain to curriculum. The Journal aims to contribute to the renewal of the field of curriculum studies, enrich curriculum conversations and enable practitioners and scholars to engage with curricular issues, thus placing consideration of curriculum firmly at the heart of educational discourse and practice.

The journal welcomes papers – original research and review articles – that:

  • address current and historical global debates and traditions from the complex landscape of curriculum studies
  • pose challenging curricular questions from different perspectives, including reflexive questions about whom curriculum research is for and its purposes, and wider historical, sociological and political questions about the curriculum
  • draw upon diverse theoretical and methodological approaches
  • focus on formal and informal educational settings within and beyond schooling (including early years, primary and secondary schools, further education, higher education and teacher education, vocational education and training, community education, professions and work-based education).

Continuing a long tradition of connecting scholarly research and school-based practice, the journal particularly welcomes contributions focussing on the ‘basics’ of curriculum structure, organisation, development, enactment and evaluation in practice settings.

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  British Educational Research Association

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