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Journal of Education Policy (JEP)

Référence :  vol. 39, n°2, février 2024

  • Governing teachers’ subjectivity in neoliberal times: the fabrication of the bonsai teacher, Felipe Acuña
  • A leap of faith: overcoming doubt to do good when policy is absurd, Fiona Margetts, Stephen Jonathan Whitty & Bronte van der Hoorn
  • Governing through ambiguity in the normalizing society: The lesson from Chinese transnational higher education regulation, Xiao Han
  • Aspiring teachers, financial incentives, and principals’ recruitment practices in hard-to-staff schools, Jill Blackmore, Linda Hobbs & Julie Rowlands
  • Market mirages and the state’s role in professional learning: the case of English mathematics education, Mark Boylan & Gill Adams
  • Inequitable teacher turnover and performance-based appraisal: a global trend?, Leah Natasha Glassow
  • Resolving dilemmas: Swedish special educators and subject teachers’ perspectives on their enactment of inclusive education, David Paulsrud
  • Exclusionary tactics in English secondary education: an analysis of fair access protocols, Jodie Pennacchia

Book Review

  • The new digital education policy landscape: from education systems to platforms edited by Cobo, C. & Rivas, A., New York, NY, Routledge, 2023, 239 pp., Yujie Huang
  • Transformative teaching and learning in further education: pedagogies of hope and social justice by Rob Smith and Vicky Duckworth, (£26.99) 2022, Bristol, policy press, 209 pp., Asma Lebbakhar

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