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Journal of Education Policy

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The Journal of Education Policy (JEP) publishes original, critically and theoretically informed research that discusses, analyses and debates policymaking, policy implementation and policy impact at all levels, and within and across all spheres of formal and informal education. The journal welcomes papers that offer innovative methods or conceptions, or experiment with original forms of analysis or presentation.

Critical and theoretically informed analysis is a key criterion for consideration of a paper's suitability for JEP. This is likely to mean that a paper considers the effects and consequences of different kinds of particular policies, and the impact of policy on different social groups. In most of the papers we publish, this consideration is achieved through the use of theoretical conceptions which may include, but are not limited to, those with a post-structural, feminist, postcolonial, Cultural Political Economy, post-positivist epistemology and/or other orientations.

The journal is interested in analysis and theorisation of policy that is transposable, that has generic interest and relevance to a global audience -  national policy case studies would need to be conceptually and/or methodologically generalisable for example. This is a second key criterion when it comes to considering whether a paper is suitable for publication in JEP. We are, of course, interested in the details of policy in a particular national context, but we also consider what would the reader from a different national context take away with them? What are the international implications of the analysis? These need to be made explicit.

Our third criterion: if a paper is empirical, please ensure that the methodological discussion is adequate, and demonstrates rigour and reflexivity in the production, analysis and explanation of the research data.

The journal offers a forum for theoretical debate, as well as historical, philosophical and comparative studies, across different countries, contexts and levels of education. A valuable resource for academics, researchers, educators and policy makers, Journal of Education Policy provides rigorous and original insights into educational policy development, implications and global impact. The Journal of Education Policy accepts the following types of article: original articles, book reviews.

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