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Journal of Education Policy (JEP)

Référence :  Vol. 39, n°1, janvier 2024

  • Policy networks and venture philanthropy: a network ethnography of ‘Teach for Australia’, Emma Rowe
  • Private actors in policy processes. entrepreneurs, edupreneurs and policyneurs, Anna Jobér
  • The networked role of intermediaries in education governance and public-private partnership, Katherine Caves & Maria Esther Oswald-Egg
  • Fashioning groups that inhabit society’s fringes: the work of Australian VET research into disadvantage, Don Zoellner
  • Juridification and regulative failures. The complicated implementation of international law into national schools, Ronny Freier, Ulrike Thams & Wieland Wermke
  • Educational disadvantage and policy: expanding the spaces of assessment, Tebeje Molla & Trevor Gale
  • Policy implications of collective agency for inclusion: evidence from the Welsh context, Carmel Conn & Susan Davis
  • Made in Sweden? Configured digitalized school leadership practice, Josef Siljebo

Book Review

  • Algorithms of Education: How Datafication and Artificial Intelligence Shape Policy by Kalervo N. Gulson, Sam Sellar, and P. Taylor Webb, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 2022, 192 pp., Marc R. H. Kosciejew
  • Global-national networks in education policy: Primary education, social enterprises and ‘Teach for Bangladesh’ by Rino Wiseman Adhikary, Bob Lingard, and Ian Hardy (Bloomsbury). Hardback version, London, Bloomsbury Academic, Achala Gupta

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