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Journal of Education Policy (JEP)

Référence :  Vol. 38, n°6, décembre 2023

  • Beyond School. The challenge of co-producing and commoning a different episteme for education, Jordi Collet-Sabé & Stephen J. Ball
  • Three policy problems: biocreep and the extension of biopolitical administration, Henry Powell & Christian Beighton
  • A sinister side of student voice: surveillance, suspicion, and stigma, Craig Skerritt
  • Theorizing ‘affective infrastructure’ in education policy: articulating new political imaginaries for a more equitable future, Michalinos Zembylas
  • En/countering the doings of standards in early childhood education: drawing on Actor-Network Theory to trace enactments of and resistances to emerging sociomaterial policy assemblages, Arda Oosterhoff, Terrie Lynn Thompson, Ineke Oenema-Mostert & Alexander Minnaert
  • Diversity ideologies in Flemish education: explaining variation in teachers’ implementation of multiculturalism, assimilation and colourblindness, Marloes Hagenaars, Charlotte Maene, Sara Willems, Wendelien Vantieghem, Fanny D’hondt & Peter A.J. Stevens
  • Disabling experiences and inclusive school: reframing the debate in Portugal, Adriano Moura & Fernando Fontes
  • Ethnic segregation in schools: a study of non-decision making, Jörg Friedrichs

Book Review

  • The rise of external actors in education. Shifting boundaries globally and locally by Christopher Lubienski, Miri Yemini and Claire Maxwell, Bristol, Nina Kolleck
  • Educational Transitions and Social Justice. Understanding Upper Secondary School Choices in Urban Contexts, Aina Tarabini (Ed), Bristol UK: Policy Press, 2022, 228 pp., Meg Maguire

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