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Journal of Education Policy (JEP)

Référence :  Vol. 38, n°5, octobre 2023

  • Race in education policy: school safety and the discursive legitimation of disproportionate punishment, A. C. Nikolaidis
  • Coercion and consent for the U.S. education market: community engagement policy under racialized fiscal surveillance, René Espinoza Kissell
  • Crisis policy enactment: primary school leaders’ responses to the Covid-19 pandemic in England, Alice Bradbury, Annette Braun, Sam Duncan, Sinéad Harmey, Rachael Levy & Gemma Moss
  • Power, authority and expertise: policy making about relationships and sex education in English primary schools, Rachel Wilder
  • A feminist critical heuristic for educational policy analysis: U.S. social emotional learning policy, Melinda Lemke & Kate Rogers
  • The ‘everywhere and nowhere’ English language policy in Queensland government schools: a license for commercialisation, Sue Creagh, Anna Hogan, Bob Lingard & Taehee Choi
  • Imagining language policy enactment in a context of secrecy: SDG4 and ethnic minorities in Laos, Daeul Jeong & Ian Hardy
  • Pacific inclusive education model: addressing dichotomies to ensure positive outcomes, Angela Page, Angelinah Vira, Susan Ledger, Joanne Mosen, Joanna Anderson, Jennifer Charteris & Christopher Boyle

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