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Pedagogy, Culture & Society

Référence :  Vol. 31, n°5, septembre 2023

  • On popular art as a source of adult learning, Aleksandra Litawa
  • Truth-telling, Black women and the pedagogy of fake news in higher education, Chayla Haynes, LaWanda W. M. Ward & Lori D. Patton
  • Balancing child-centred with teacher-directed approaches to early education: Incorporating young children’s perspectives, Nikolay Veraksa, Sonja Sheridan & Yeshe Colliver
  • Navigating the gender dimensions in English language teaching: perceptions of senior high school teachers in the Philippines, Veronico N. Tarrayo
  • Student voice and classroom practice: how students are consulted in contexts without traditions of student voice, Craig Skerritt, Martin Brown & Joe O’Hara
  • (Re)orientating literacy doxa in the digital age: the discursive practices of new policy actors, Alexander Bacalja
  • Teachers’ agency during the Covid-19 lockdown: A new materialist perspective, M. Heikkilä & V. Mankki
  • The paradox of education and teaching sexualities with uncertainty, Louisa Allen
  • Doing muscling pedagogies with children (and with diaphragms, cold season, physiological knowledges, and fans), Nicole Land
  • Reflecting on the ethical terrain of university students’ narrative non-fiction podcasts and exploring the value of emotion and discomfort in higher education, Roger Dawkins
  • Selective amnesia and the political act of remembering English teaching, Maggie Pitfield, Francis Gilbert, Claudia Asamoah Boateng & Camilla Stanger
  • ‘Are we going to do that now?’ Orientations and response-abilities in the embodied classroom, Fride Haram Klykke
  • ‘I wasn’t allowed to join the boys’: The ideology of cultural cisgenderism in a UK school, Catherine Phipps & Christopher John Blackall
  • The role of cultural capital in enhancing EFL learners’ proficiency: putting Bourdieu to the test, Azz Eddine Diouani

Book Review

  • What to do with failure? How to be a failure and still live well: aphilosophy, by Beverley Clack, Bloomsbury Academic, 251 pp., F. Tony Carusi

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