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Pedagogy, Culture & Society


Pedagogy, Culture & Society is a fully-refereed international journal that seeks to provide an international forum for pedagogical discussion and debate.
We are particularly interested in articles that raise questions about the taken-for-granted in pedagogy as understood within a cultural and social context. We do not generally accept papers that simply report findings; we are focused more on the philosophical than on the purely empirical.
We do not publish work that is predominantly or entirely quantitative in focus or that is essentially psychological in nature. We do not accept articles that focus on the content review of textbooks, unless the work puts that analysis into a broader context to include substantial debate about pedagogy.
Our beliefs about pedagogical debate include the following broad parameters which should be reflected in your work, where relevant:
Pedagogical debate is not restricted by geographical boundaries: its participants are the international educational community and its proceedings appeal to a worldwide audience.  It is not the preserve of teachers, politicians, academics or administrators but requires open discussion.

Pedagogical debate is eclectic and interdisciplinary: it draws on a wide range of different intellectual and practical traditions to clarify core problems and sustain deliberation.

Pedagogical debate should take account of the different cultural conditions ranging from the ‘post-colonial’ condition of many African and Asian countries to the ‘post-centralised’ condition of Eastern Europe and the ‘post-modern’ condition of Western liberal democracies.  It should not be assumed by authors that readers will reside in the global north.

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