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The Curriculum Journal

Référence :  Vol. 34, n°3, septembre 2023

  • Teachers as curriculum designers: What knowledge is needed?, Sílvia de Almeida, Joana Viana
  • Digital learning experiences and spaces: Learning from the past to design better pedagogical and curricular futures, Ashley Bough, Gabriela Martinez Sainz
  • Towards preparing teachers for guiding inter-affective learning experiences in a higher vocational education curriculum, Pamela den Heijer, Ton Zondervan, Carlos van Kan, Joke Voogt
  • Including visual representations within senior high school biology assessment: Considerations of grammatical complexity, Lisl Fenwick, Len Unsworth
  • Exploring undergraduate thesis manuscript assessment feedback, Oduor Olande, Torsten Lindström
  • Recontextualization of knowledge in the new Norwegian curriculum: Epistemic and non-epistemic design in learning objectives for social studies, Erik Bratland, Mohamed El Ghami
  • Powerful disciplinary boundary crossing: Bernsteinian explorations of the problem of knowledge in interdisciplinarity, Xuelong Hu
  • Science and RE teachers' perspectives on the purpose of RE on the secondary school curriculum in England, Mary Woolley, Robert A. Bowie, Sabina Hulbert, Caroline Thomas, John-Paul Riordan, Lynn Revell
  • ‘Different people, different backgrounds, different identities’: Filling the vacuum created by policy views of ‘cultural capital’, Gareth Bates, Steve Connolly
  • A critical analysis of Indonesia's 2013 national curriculum: Tensions between global and local concerns, Lalu Mohmmad Abid Zainul Puad, Karen Ashton

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