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Journal of Education Policy (JEP)

Référence :  Vol. 38, n°4, juin 2023

  • Election or selection? School autonomy reform, governance and the politics of school councils, Jill Blackmore, Katrina MacDonald, Amanda Keddie, Brad Gobby, Jane Wilkinson, Scott Eacott & Richard Niesche
  • Middle leaders as policy translators: prime actors in the enactment of policy, Craig Skerritt, Gerry McNamara, Irene Quinn, Joe O’Hara & Martin Brown
  • Who takes initiative? The rise of education policy networks and the shifting balance of initiative-taking amongst education stakeholders in Israel, May Amiel & Miri Yemini
  • Performativity, managerial professionalism and the purpose of professional development: a South African case study, Carol Bertram & Ntombi Mxenge
  • ‘I am done with that now.’ Sense of alienations in Finnish academia, Mikko Poutanen
  • What is the problem represented to be in China’s world-class university policy? A poststructural analysis, Etienne Woo
  • Towards a European model of collective skill formation? Analysing the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, Lukas Graf & Marcelo Marques
  • The Emergence and Policy (mis)Alignment of Teach For Taiwan, Matthew A. M. Thomas & Ren-Hao Xu

Book Review

  • The PhD Parenthood Trap: Caught between work and family in academia by Kerry F. Crawford and Leah C. Windsor, Washington, DC, Georgetown University Press, 2021, 272pp, Donna-Marie Holder
  • Public sociology: between Utopia and Anti-Utopia by Michael Burawoy, Cambridge, Polity Press, 2021, 238 pp., £50 (hardback), Peter Burgess

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