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The Curriculum Journal

Référence :  Vol. 34, n°2, juin 2023

  • The emotional landscape of curriculum making, Henrika Anttila, Lotta Tikkanen, Tiina Soini, Janne Pietarinen, Kirsi Pyhältö
  • Curriculum as mindfully lived in relationships, Hannah Hunter-Lynch, Denise Kimblern, Danny Sexton, Hongyu Wang
  • Gender voices in Afghanistan primary and secondary school English textbooks, Sayeed Naqibullah Orfan
  • Reading publics and a curriculum in literature, Wayne Sawyer
  • Teacher agency in the reform of universal primary education in Uganda, Tom Henry Ogwang
  • A figurational viewpoint of the complexity of policy enactment: An opportunity for agonistic dialogue?, Dylan Scanlon, Ann MacPhail, Antonio Calderón
  • The ecology of dialogic interactions towards sustainability of school-based curriculum development, Li-Yi Wang, Der-Thanq Chen Victor, Wei-Leng Neo
  • State-based curriculum making in Turkey: Curriculum modernization initiative and the latest science curriculum, Ebru Ozturk-Akar
  • IT teachers' beliefs about alternative curriculum designs: Results from a mixed methods study, Helen Drenoyianni, Nikos Bekos
  • Preparing students to engage with science- and technology-related misinformation: The role of epistemic insight, Berry Billingsley, Joshua M. Heyes

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