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Journal of Education Policy (JEP)

Référence :  Vol. 38, n°1, janvier 2023

  • Venture philanthropy in public schools in Australia: tracing policy mobility and policy networks, Emma E. Rowe
  • Topological genealogy: a methodology to research transnational digital governance in/through/as change, Mathias Decuypere & Steven Lewis
  • Educational imaginaries: governance at the intersection of technology and education, Lina Rahm
  • The ‘web of conditions’ governing England’s climate change education policy landscape, Kate Greer, Heather King & Melissa Glackin
  • Data infrastructures as sites of preclusion and omission: the representation of students and schooling, Jennifer Clutterbuck, Ian Hardy & Sue Creagh
  • Effects of spatial competition on public educational efficiency: an analysis for the Chilean Metropolitan Region, Camilo Quintero-Fragozo, Yasna Cortés & Mauricio Sarrias
  • Discourse, legitimacy, and bottom-to-bottom change: haredi activism to promote secular education in New-York Hasidic Schools, Shai Katzir & Lotem Perry-Hazan
  • How teachers see policy: school context, teacher inquiry, and policy visibility, Eric Shieh
  • Excluded by choice: urban students with disabilities in the education marketplace by Waitoller, F. R., New York, Teachers College Press, 2020, 216 pp., Valentina Migliarini
  • Teaching Arabic as a Foreign language: origins, developments and current directions by Andrea Facchin, Netherlands, Amsterdam University Press, 2019, 321 pp., Yunita Laila Zulfa, Frida Akmalia & Sofyan Sauri

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