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Pedagogy, Culture & Society

Référence :  Vol. 31, n°1, janvier 2023

  • Pride and privilege: the affective dissonance of student voice, Rachel Finneran, Eve Mayes & Rosalyn Black
  • Three sociomaterial framings for analysing emergent activity in future learning spaces, Phil Tietjen, Saliha Ozkan Bekiroglu, Koun Choi, Michael M. Rook & Scott P. McDonald
  • Policies of English language teacher recruitment in Iran and a glimpse of their implementation, Seyyed-Abdolhamid Mirhosseini, Leila Tajik & Atefeh Bahrampour Pasha
  • Teaching Chinese with Chinese characteristics: ‘difficult’ knowledge, discomforting pedagogies and student engagement, Wen Xu & Garth Stahl
  • Qualifying pedagogy: observations on a pedagogical encounter, Aparna Mishra Tarc
  • Teachers’ cultural, social and emotional capabilities: how teacher compassion and humility is an antecedent to student confidence, Alison S. Willis
  • A rough sail for learner-centred education as a global reform policy in the Philippines, Julie Lucille del Valle
  • A media criticism-based approach for designing critical multicultural instruction in social studies curricula, Ji-Yong Eun
  • The problem of empowerment: the social ecologies of indigenous youth leadership, Lucas Walsh & Rosalyn Black
  • Talking with feeling: using Bion to theorise ‘work discussion’ as a model of professional reflection with nursery practitioners, Peter Elfer & Dilys Wilson
  • Pedagogy in a pandemic: Responsibilisation and agency in the (re)making of teachers, Jenna Teruya
  • Segregated and yet inclusive? the application process for upper secondary school in Iceland for students labelled as disabled through the lens of social justice, Anna Björk Sverrisdóttir & Geert Van Hove

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