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Journal of Education Policy (JEP)

Référence :  Vol. 37, n°6

  • ‘Education without limits’: The digital resettlement of post-secondary education and training in Singapore in the COVID-19 era, Richard Watermeyer, Zan Chen & Bryan John Ang
  • Education department policy constructions within highly political contexts: a critical policy study of multiculturalism, Anna Sullivan, Neil Tippett, Jamie Manolev, Melanie Baak & Bruce Johnson
  • A methodological approach to the analysis of PISA microblogs: social media during the release of the PISA 2015 results, Aspa Baroutsis & Bob Lingard
  • An affirmative-diffractive re-reading of the policy instrumentation approach through agential realism and the accreditation instrument, Katja Brøgger & Miriam Madsen
  • Theorising the meso-level space of school ethos and cultural pedagogy in relation to securitisation policy, Mathew Barnard
  • Practitioner advocates in Japan: bringing in knowledge of practice for policy translation, Sam Bamkin
  • ‘Not (yet) ready for the mainstream’ – newly arrived migrant students in a separate educational program, Nihad Bunar & Päivi Juvonen
  • Actantial construction of career guidance in parliament of Finland’s education policy debates 1967–2020, Janne Varjo, Mira Kalalahti & Tristram Hooley
Book Review
  • The business of teaching: becoming a teacher in a market of schools, Glenn C. Savage
  • School reform in an era of standardization. Authentic accountabilities by Ian Hardy, London and New York, Routledge, 2021, 226 pp., Meg Maguire

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