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Journal of Education Policy (JEP)

Référence :  Vol. 37, n°5, octobre 2022

  • 1996: the OECD policy-making assemblage, Greg Thompson, Sam Sellar & Ian Buchanan
  • Winning the war by losing the battle? The marketization of the expanding preschool sector in Sweden, Johannes Westberg & Esbjörn Larsson
  • Advocacy NGOs and the neoliberal manufacture of the street voice, Juan Francisco Palma Carvajal
  • The governing parent-citizen: dividing and valorising parent labour through school governance, Jessica Gerrard & Glenn C. Savage
  • Comparisons, numbers and nations: exploring national policy responses to international data via a postfoundational imagining of the policymaker, Eleftherios Klerides
  • Narratives of academic staff involvement in Athena SWAN and race equality charter marks in UK higher education institutions, Holly Henderson & Kalwant Bhopal
  • Widening participation policy as practice: category work and local policy appropriations at student support units, Adi Sapir
  • Paradise lost or created? How higher-education staff perceive the impact of policy on students, Sazana Jayadeva, Rachel Brooks & Predrag Lažetić
  • The Global Education Industry in a Microcosm: Public- Private Networks in German Public Schooling, Christina Gericke

Book Review

  • Conservative philanthropies and organizations shaping U.S. educational policy and practice edited by K. deMarrais, B. A. Herron, & J. Copple, Gorham, Maine, Myers Education Press, 2020, Kathryn P. Chapman
  • A search for common ground: conversations about the toughest questions in K-12 education by Frederick Hess and P. Noguera, New York, NY, Teachers College Press, 2021, Kevin Cataldo

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