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Pedagogy, Culture & Society

Référence :  Vol. 30, n°5, septembre 2022

  • How might place be pedagogical in Appalachia? New possibilities for early childhood classrooms in the Anthropocene, Melissa Sherfinski, Audra Slocum & Jessica Lough
  • Historical significance and the challenges of African historiography: analysis of teacher perspectives, Gideon Boadu
  • Art as a cultural tool: deconstructing exotified notions of Balinese society during an American study abroad programme, Jennifer M. Pipitone & Chitra Raghavan
  • Teaching in the name of justice: empathy and vulnerability as a basis for understanding difficult histories, Neil Harrison, Sue Stanton, Richard Manning & Wally Penetito
  • Re-imagining accountability: storytelling workshops for evaluation in and beyond youth work, Tania de St Croix
  • Bushcraft education as radical pedagogy, Lisa Fenton, Zoë Playdon & Heather E. Prince
  • Pedagogical love in Finland and Australia: a study of refugee children and their teachers, Mervi Kaukko, Jane Wilkinson & Ravi Ks Kohli
  • Relational freedom and equality in learning: the affect of Sartre and Rancière, Miranda Matthews
  • Cultural dimensions and skills in the 21st century: the Israeli education system as a case study, Meital Amzaleg & Asmahan Masry-Herzallah
  • Relational pedagogy and the role of informality in renegotiating learning and teaching encounters, Andrew Hickey & Stewart Riddle
Book Review
  • Education excavated. Forms of education: rethinking educational experience against and outside the humanist legacy, by Emile Bojesen, Abingdon, Routledge, 2021, Julien Kloeg
  • Jean Baudrillard and radical education theory. Turning right to go left, by Kip Kline and Kristopher Holland, Brill, 2020

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