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Pedagogy, Culture & Society

Référence :  Vol. 30, n°2, mars 2022



  • Tedate and an emergentist theory of children’s agency, Yuka Hasegawa
  • Mapping the campus learning landscape, A.M Cox, M. Benson Marshall, J.A.J. Burnham, L. Care, T. Herrick & M. Jones
  • Empowering students for social justice through a critical pedagogy inspired framework of servant leadership, Joanna Joseph Jeyaraj & Franco Gandolfi
  • Ambiguous engagements: exploring affective qualities within the teaching of norms and equality, Karin Gunnarsson
  • Museum education, cultural sustainability, and English language teaching in Spain, Luis S. Villacañas de Castro, Laura M. Moreno-Serrano & Clàudia Giner Real
  • Teaching reading in northern Nigeria: the challenges of large class size, Amina Adamu, Aisha Umar Tsiga & Stephanie Simmons Zuilkowski
  • Teachers’ pre-occupancy evaluation of affordances in a multi-zone flexible learning environment – introducing an analytical model, Anneli Frelin & Jan Grannäs
  • High attaining students, marketisation and the absence of care: everyday experiences in an urban academy, Kirstin Lewis & Sarah Pearce


  • Pedagogy, politics and the formation of the utopian subject. Becoming utopian: the culture and politics of radical transformation, by Tom Moylan, Darren Webb

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mot(s) clé(s) :  inégalités, pratiques pédagogiques