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Psychology in the Schools

Référence :  Vol. 61, n°4, avril 2024

  • “It just felt like another thing to do”: Examining teacher barriers and motivators to utilizing trauma-informed resources during COVID-19, Alice C. Mullin, Jill D. Sharkey, Karina M. Aragon, Olivia Appel, Paola Portabales, Isaac Bouchard, Erika D. Felix
  • A systematic review of mixed methods studies published in six school psychology journals: Prevalence, characteristics, and trends from 2011 to 2020, Jiayi Wang, Rahma M. Hida, Jeongsoo Park, Eui Kyung Kim, John C. Begeny
  • Predictors of social emotional learning in after-school programming: The impact of relationships, belonging, and program engagement, Amy E. Fisher, Liat R. Johnson, Sonia Minnes, Emily K. Miller, Jessica S. Riccardi, Anastasia Dimitropoulos
  • Promoting student well-being: Exploring participatory arts in a higher education institution, Hsiao-Shen Wang, Min Tseng, Shih-Hsuan Wei
  • Review of participatory research assent procedures in school psychology, Jaime Flowers, Daniel McCleary, Jillian Dawes, Hunter Marzolf
  • The effect of perfectionism on relative deprivation among nursing students: The role of interpersonal sensitivity and resilience, Yueming Ding, Guangli Lu, Shuyu Chen, Yipei Liang, Yiming Zhang, Qianwen Peng, Shuang Liang, Chaoran Chen
  • Exploring social and environmental predictors of school engagement among first- and second-generation Latino youth: A multidimensional approach, Arlene Bjugstad, Jodi Berger Cardoso, Tzuan A. Chen, Kalina M. Brabeck, Sharon Borja
  • Parents' perceived risks and benefits on avoidance of street food near schools in Indonesia: Moderating role of school type, Vieta Annisa Nurhidayati, Sunhee Seo
  • Psychological and physiological stress and stressors in early childhood educators: An observational pilot study, Randi A. Bates, Jaclyn M. Dynia
  • A literature synthesis of curriculum-based measurement in writing for English learners, R. Alex Smith, Abigail A. Allen, Jessica Alley
  • Multiple baseline and multiple probe design studies targeting academic skills: Trends over time in effect sizes, Henry H. Zink, Ethan R. Van Norman, David A. Klingbeil
  • The association between perceived social support and resilience among Chinese university students: A moderated mediation model, Yan Hou, Yan Zhang, Xiaochen Cao, Guanghui Lei, Guohua Liu
  • A hypothetic model for examining the relationship between savoring, imagination, perceived hope and resilience: A study of Taiwanese principals, Yao-Chung Cheng
  • Achieving the educational mission: Are Connecticut school nurses valued?, Janene Batten
  • The effect of career-related parental support on life satisfaction among vocational school students, Qing Zeng, Jinqing Wang, Yingshi He, Feifei Huang, Huijun Luo, Jingwen Wu, Minqiang Zhang
  • The relationship between emotional interaction and learning engagement in online collaborative learning: Moderated mediating effect, Wei Wang, Xiaoying Wang, Shanshan Li, Tianshu Ma, M. N. Poni Liu, Hongzhi Sun
  • Child anger regulation measure: Psychometric properties, prediction of emotional engagement, and gender differences, Colleen R. O'Neal, Kristin Meyering, Leyla Babaturk, Nicole Gosnell
  • Comparison of screening methods for computer adaptive tests to predict reading and math performance, Emily R. Forcht, Ethan R. Van Norman
  • Do college students with higher attachment anxiety or avoidance tend to have lower subjective social status? Evidence from a cross-sectional and a longitudinal study, Yangqian Wang, Gang Cheng, Xianhong Zhou, Haili Yang, Niuniu Fu, Fangyuan Ding
  • Effects of classroom-based social problem-solving training on elementary school children: Investigating the moderating role of executive function, Yoshiko Hatakeyama, Haruo Fujino, Tomoka Yamamoto, Atsuko Ishii, Hiroko Okuno
  • Second grade retention: Beliefs, decision-making styles, and factors involved in the decision process, Natalie Nóbrega Santos, Vera Monteiro
  • Student profiles of physical activity, screen time, sleep quality and dietary habits and their association with mental health and school satisfaction: An exploratory study, Collin A. Webster, Diana Mîndrila, Anthony D. Murphy, Ivana Banićević, Dušan Perić, Dragan Stankić, Željko Banićević
  • The impact of future self-continuity on college students' online learning engagement: A moderated mediation model, Junxian Shen, Hongfeng Zhang, Jiansong Zheng
  • Deepening class insight through participatory lesson study: An experience with students specializing in school psychology, Diana Pasmanik, Carolina Jorquera
  • Investigating school counselor–parent relationships, interaction, and involvement, Timothy Brown, Mehmet Akkurt, Dee-Anna Green

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