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Psychology in the Schools

Référence :  Vol. 61, n°3, mars 2024



  • “At Some Point We're Going to Reach Our Limit”: Understanding COVID-19's impact on teacher burnout and subjective mental health, David T. Marshall, Natalie E. Smith, Savanna M. Love, Natalie M. Neugebauer, David M. Shannon
  • The implications of principal leadership styles on teachers' organizational commitment in the Israeli Arab educational minority, Yasmin Abd El Qader, Pascale Benoliel
  • Body image dissatisfaction and academic buoyancy in adolescents: The mediating roles of social anxiety and basic psychological needs satisfaction, Dan Zhao, Baoyu Bai, Chengzhi Bai
  • Development and validation of an Academic Involution Scale for College Students in China, Feng (Robin) Wang, Yanchao Yang, Tianxue Cui
  • Self-regulation and procrastination in college students: A tale of motivation, strategy, and perseverance, Karla Elizondo, Rafael Valenzuela, José V. Pestana, Nuria Codina
  • Examining individual and contextual factors that contribute to early childhood teachers' well-being, Katie J. Stone, Caitlin Rancher, Faraday Davies, Kerrie Schnake, Angela D. Moreland
  • Psychological symptoms among adolescents: Latent class analysis of parental attitudes, psychological needs, self-regulation, and alexithymia, Namık Kemal Haspolat, Murat Ağırkan, Mustafa Eşkisu
  • Foreign-educated academics: Assessing teaching quality and exploring teaching-related challenges, Aziz Ahmad, Nisar Abid, Asmaa Azeem, Fatima Sikandar, Rukhsana Bashir, Sarfraz Aslam
  • Disruptive behaviors in Tunisian physical education settings: Gender and school level can matter, Olfa Tounsi, Omar Trabelsi, Mohamed Abdelkader Souissi, Abdessalem Koubaa, Adnene Gharbi, Swantje Scharenberg, Mourad Bahloul
  • Relationship between the principal's restrictive behavior and preschool teachers' turnover intention: A serial mediation model, Liping Guo, Enze Yang, Xiaoqiang Gao, Derui Ma
  • The predictive power of game addiction and social media addiction on adolescents' lifestyle, Aslı Akdeniz Kudubes, Yagmur Sezer Efe
  • School counselors' experiences of promoting elementary school students' health literacy during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, Amirah Diniaty, Agus Mukhalid, Riswani Riswani, Darwin Darwin
  • Alleviating learning burnout of Chinese middle school students by school-based mindfulness training: The mediating role of psychological resilience, Xianhua Liu, Lei Lei, Yanli Zheng, Yu Deng, Jiajing Chen
  • Site coordinators’ perspectives on implementing a school-based telebehavioral health program, E Zhang, Ilana Engel, Annaleis Giovanetti, Stephanie Punt, Anna Nicole Aniel, Skylar Bellinger, Eve-Lynn Nelson
  • Validating repurposed GAD-7 anchored in COVID-19 pandemic experiences: A factor- and person-centered approach, Imelu G. Mordeno, I Marie Joy S. Gallemit, Judith L. Ducay, Sittiehara P. Abdullah, Salihah Marjannah S. Suba, Nashren D. Edaros
  • Leading and supporting school counselors through evaluation systems: A national study, Rachel Louise Geesa, Nicholas P. Elam, Marilynn M. Quick, Kaylee M. Odell, Jungnam Kim
  • Teacher moves for supporting student reasoning in mathematics instruction, Figen Bozkus, Pınar Guner
  • Violent online game contact and academic procrastination: A moderated mediation model, Yun Luo, Chen Ye, Yunxin Zhao, Hui Zhang
  • Administrators' perception concerning the auxiliary (janitorial) staff: The hidden heroes of education, Suleyman Karatas, Mustafa Caner
  • Confronting racial inequity in health and education: Supporting students with sickle cell disease, Paul C. Jones, Ara J. Schmitt, Akshita Nayyar, R. Brandon Conaway, Kelly Eyler, Kirstin Franklin, Clyniece Hodge
  • Motivations for English learning discontinuation among Jiangsu Senior High School students: A case study amidst China's new college entrance examination context, Kai Zhu
  • Preliminary development and validation of the positive school transition readiness survey (PSTRS), Gazal Bharara, Scott Duncan
  • A systematic review of academic resilience in East Asia: Evidence from the large-scale assessment research, Jia-qi Zheng, Kwok-cheung Cheung, Pou-seong Sit
  • Teachers' needs for an FASD-informed resource: A qualitative interview needs assessment based on the ADAPT-ITT framework, Carson Kautz-Turnbull, Emily Speybroeck, Madeline Rockhold, Christie L. M. Petrenko

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