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Psychology in the Schools

Référence :  Vol. 61, n°1, janvier 2024

  • How does upward social comparison impact the delay discounting: The chain mediation of belief in a just world and relative deprivation, Chao Pan, Menghan Zhao
  • Teacher stress and supports, classroom practices and student outcomes in high poverty urban elementary schools, Amanda Elliott, Linda A. Reddy, Adam J. Lekwa, Joelle Fingerhut
  • Bullying and victimization in schools: Causal relationship between adolescent disruptive behavior, sleep schedules, and extended school hours, Sandra Figueiredo
  • Measurement invariance of the Arabic version of the Flourishing Scale in a sample of special education teachers, Saeed A. AL-Dossary, Bander M. Almohayya
  • The role of students' mathematics perception and self-efficacy toward their mathematics achievement, Enkosa Terefe Shone, Fisseha Mikre Weldemeskel, Berhanu Nigussie Worku
  • Teachers' professional identity and job burnout: The mediating roles of work engagement and psychological capital, Qinhan Zhang, Weijian Li, Jianwei Gao, Binghai Sun, Shuwei Lin
  • A study on whether nonverbal inductive reasoning predicts mathematical performance, Bingqian Ren, Xiaotong Liang, Jingyi Li, Luyi Cao, Xinlin Zhou
  • Formative evaluation of Peace Spaces in a middle school: Teacher perceptions and student usage, Christopher T. H. Liang, Malaïka H. C. Gutekunst, Lian Liu, Teresa Rosenberger, Brooke A. Kohler
  • Long-term factors associated with positive mental health outcomes for early adolescents during COVID-19-related school closures, Danielle Molloy-Vickers, Jennifer Chopra, Pooja Saini, Emma Ashworth
  • Parental styles and adolescent externalizing problems: A cross-lagged model examining the direction of influence, Stelios N. Georgiou, Kyriakos Charalampous
  • Social support, psychological strain, and suicidality: Evidence from Chinese universities, Wei Wang, Jie Zhang
  • Understanding teacher-directed violence and related turnover through a school climate framework, Eric Peist, Susan D. McMahon, Jacqueline O. Davis-Wright, Christopher B. Keys
  • A review of three commonly used brief dyslexia rating scales, Michelle S. Storie, Laurice M. Joseph, Theresa Gillespie, James McDougal
  • The impact of job stress on burnout in Chinese teachers: The mediating roles of social support and psychological empowerment, Yining Song, Weiguo Zhao, Xinning Wang, Jiazheng Li
  • The influence of teachers' intrinsic motivation on students' intrinsic motivation: The mediating role of teachers' motivating style and teacher-student relationships, Honghui Zou, Jihai Yao, Yuexin Zhang, Xinyi Huang
  • Cross-cultural examination of school educators' beliefs about principles of positive behavior support, Chung-Hau Fan, Chia-Lin Tsai, Ya-Ting Juang, Hui-Ting Wang, Yu-Lin Chang
  • Emotion regulation, resilience, and mental health: A mediation study with university students in the pandemic context, Rute Brites, Tânia Brandão, João Hipólito, Antónia Ros, Odete Nunes
  • The impact of intervention modality on students' multiplication fact fluency, Kourtney R. Kromminga, Robin S. Codding
  • A longitudinal study of the mediating role of resilience in the impact of trait mindfulness on anxiety and aggression in Chinese college students with left-behind experiences, Jing Chen, Chunyang Zhang, Yuyang Zhou, Wei Xu
  • The effect of job stress on secondary school physical education teachers' work engagement: The mediating role of self-efficacy, Siyuan Li, Ying Wang
  • A comparison of general and special educators' experiences with teacher-directed aggression and violence, Kayleigh E. Zinter, Susan D. McMahon, Megan R. Greeson, Kailyn Bare
  • Exploring the utility of community-based participatory research to investigate mindfulness-based interventions in schools, Nikki Mathur Grunewald, Megan Foley-Nicpon
  • Managing middle school students' disruptive behaviors during physical education classes using the color wheel system, Olfa Tounsi, Omar Trabelsi, Mohamed Abdelkader Souissi, Abdessalem Koubaa, Adnene Gharbi, Swantje Scharenberg, Bessem Mkaouer, Mourad Bahloul

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mot(s) clé(s) :  psychologie de l'éducation, recherche en éducation