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Psychology in the Schools

Référence :  Vol. 60, n°10, octobre 2023

  • Stakeholder perspectives of adaptations of a burnout intervention for special education teachers, Lisa Ruble, Abigail Love, John H. McGrew, Yue Yu, Melanie W. Fischer, Michelle P. Salyers
  • The impact of social and emotional learning on students' bullying behavior: Serial mediation of social and emotional competence and peer relationship, Yushi You, Siyi Zhang, Wanying Zhang, Yaqing Mao
  • Pediatric leukemia: What school psychologists should know, Bobb-Woodson Alexandra, Maricle Denise
  • Exploration of college students' psychological problems based on online education under COVID-19, Chenwei Xu, Xi Wang, Yuntao Zou
  • Reflexive disclosure in qualitative research publications in school psychology (2006–2021), Sujay V. Sabnis, Jennifer R. Wolgemuth
  • Autonomy support, personality, and mindset in predicting academic performance among early adolescents: The mediating role of self-determined motivation, Sakhavat Mammadov, Dogan Tozoglu
  • Investigating the association of school type and gender with adolescent's mindsets, Jung Hoon Kim, Jongkyum Kwon, Ji Hoon Ryoo
  • Factors influencing students' attitudes toward bullying: A multilevel analysis from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taipei, Hong Zhang, Hanwei Tang, Mengnan Zhang, Fuyan Wang
  • Socio-emotional, cognitive, affective disorders and substance use in a sample of students in first- and second-grade high school in Italy: A comparison among students', parents', and teachers' perceptions, Loredana Cena, Alice Trainini, Sara Zecca, Sofia Bonetti Zappa, Federica Cunegatti, Chiara Buizza
  • Paraprofessionals' use of classroom management in a small-group intervention, Michael P. Mesa, Beth M. Phillips, Christopher J. Lonigan
  • Gender difference in the relationship between academic self-efficacy, personal growth initiative, and engagement among Turkish undergraduates: A multigroup modeling, Fatma Uslu Gülşen, Ezgi Ekin Şahin
  • The role of colorblind racism and white fragility in maintaining racist bullying in middle school, Tiffany M. Jones, Anne Williford, Angela Malorni, Kristin McCowan, Kaylee Becker, Tess Halac, Charles H. Lea III, Michael S. Spencer
  • The effect of student race/ethnicity on the diagnostic accuracy of the Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener (SAEBRS), Katie Eklund, Stephen P. Kilgus, Alexandra Barber, Kortni Dubose, Bri'Anna Collins, Madison Eikenmeyer
  • Assessing internalizing disorders and sleep in school-age children: A new parent report Behavioral Health Screen, Linda Ruan-Iu, Payne Winston-Lindeboom, Alannah Shelby Rivers, Tita Atte, Allen Tien
  • Neurocognitive constructs as longitudinal predictors of reading fluency, Jody Samuels, Scott L. Decker
  • Cerebral palsy and executive functions: Inhibitory control and cognitive flexibility skills, Begüm Çapa Tayyare, Evrim Gerçek, Erbil Dursun, Nur Akçin
  • Adapting school-based implementation support from in-person to virtual: An experimental evaluation of a virtual coaching program to improve intervention fidelity, Jiayi Wang, John C. Begeny, Jesslyn M. Durling, Natasha K. Newson
  • The burnout experience among teachers: A profile analysis, Ana Isabel Mota Ph.D., João Lopes Ph.D., Célia Oliveira Ph.D.
  • Linking beliefs in reading with lifelong learning tendencies among undergraduates: The mediating role of enthusiasm for reading, Hilal Buyukgoze
  • Student interest in mathematics homework: Do peer interest and homework approaches matter?, Jianzhong Xu
  • The effects of x-axis time compression on the visual analysis of single-case data, Evan H. Dart, Keith C. Radley
  • Convergent validity of the Behavior Observation of Students in Schools for elementary school students with disruptive behaviors, Alexander Alperin, Christopher M. Dudek, Linda A. Reddy, Todd A. Glover, Nicole B. Wiggs, Briana Bronstein
  • Enhancing first-grade students' social skill performance: The interaction of tootling and activities on social skill engagement, Margaret Crewdson, Christopher H. Skinner, Chelsea Wilson, Kristen Fowler, Robert Richardson, Brian Wilhoit
  • Publication outlets for school psychology faculty: 2016–2020, David M. Hulac, Kathleen B. Aspiranti
  • Primary school teacher's emotion regulation: Impact on occupational well-being, job burnout, and resilience, Lu Li, Long Huang, Xiang-ping Liu
  • Why children differ in classroom engagement: Insights from a prospective longitudinal cohort of elementary school students, Eda Cinar, Sophie Chaput-Langlois, Caroline Fitzpatrick, Gabrielle Garon-Carrier
  • Contextual factors contributing to variability within middle school teachers' observed classroom management and student engagement, Chelsea A. Kaihoi, Summer S. Braun, Jessika H. Bottiani, Catherine P. Bradshaw
  • Implicit weight stigma and bullying perpetration in college students: The mediating role of explicit weight stigma and moral disengagement and the moderating role of empathy, Hao Chen
  • Teacher–student relationships and peer victimization among Chinese children: The roles of peer status and gender, Xin Fang, Shifan Liu, Meifang Wang
  • Methods used to evaluate teacher well-being: A systematic review, Harriet B. Fox, Heather L. Walter, Karly B. Ball

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