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Psychology in the Schools

Référence :  Vol. 60, n°6, juin 2023

  • The impact of parents' home- and school-based involvement on adolescents' intrinsic motivation and anxiety in math, Charlott Rubach, Sabrina Bonanati
  • Mediating effect of resilience in the relationship between loneliness and life satisfaction during COVID-19: A cross-country study of Thai and Chinese college students, Chia-Ching Tu, Dong Yang, Lei Pan, Xiao Dai
  • Response Validity in Psychoeducational evaluations: Results from a National Survey of School Psychologists, Benjamin J. Lovett, Laura M. Spenceley, Theresa M. Schaberg, Haley Best
  • Is relational aggression a means of pursuing social goals among adolescents with specific personality traits?, Ioanna Voulgaridou, Constantinos M. Kokkinos, Angelos Markos
  • Teaching self-management strategies to upper-elementary students: Evidence of promise from the We Have Choices program, Keith Smolkowski, Brion Marquez, Jessie Marquez, Claudia Vincent, Jordan Pennefather, Hill Walker, Lisa A. Strycker
  • Teacher stress and burnout: The role of psychological work resources and implications for practitioners, Lisa L. Brady, Sara C. McDaniel, Youn-Jeng Choi
  • Development of perception of gifted label scale (PGLS): A validity and reliability study, Hülya Tercan, Müdriye Yildiz Biçakci
  • Randomized controlled pilot study of feasibility and effectiveness of peer led remote Mindfulness-Based Art Workshops on stress, anxiety, and depression in medical students, Chaoyang Wang, Isha Darbari, Mazen Tolaymat, Sandra Quezada, John Allen, Raymond K. Cross
  • The relationship of intergenerational poverty and exclusionary school discipline, Wynn Shooter, Jimmy Hernandez, David Mackay, Malia McIlvenna
  • Systematic and evaluative review of school climate instruments for students, teachers, and parents, Carolina Gonzálvez, Victoria Bacon, Christopher A. Kearney
  • Factors contributing to parental stress among Chinese families of children with autism: A qualitative study, Mary Huang, Zheng Zhou
  • Lockdown in Chinese university dormitories: Significant increase in negative feelings and time perception distortion, Juanjuan Wang, Chen Wang, Xiaoming Gu, Yi Sun
  • Relationship between healthy life awareness, emotional eating, obesity awareness, and coping stress in adolescents, Derya Evgi̇n, Kızbes Meral Kılıç
  • The fundamental role of social validity in behavioral consultation in school settings, Neal Falletta-Cowden, Matthew Lewon
  • Associations between sleepiness, sleep duration, and academic outcomes in early adolescence, Catheryn A. Orihuela, Sylvie Mrug, Retta R. Evans
  • Middle and high school teachers' perceptions of cyberbullying prevention and digital citizenship, Stephanie S. Fredrick, Samantha Coyle, Jay'ana King
  • Longitudinal perspective of the stigmatization of secondary school dropouts, Young Ae Kim, Dong Hun Lee, So Jung Heo, Min Ji Kim
  • Implementing the classroom password game via telehealth among students with intellectual disabilities, Lauren M. Meyers, Hailey Ripple, Kayla Bates-Brantley, Harry Bobak, Tashina VanderWoude, Daniel L. Gadke
  • Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ): Adaptation, validation, and development of a short form in the Chinese context for mathematics, Faming Wang, Chunlian Jiang, Ronnel B. King, Shing On Leung
  • Self-compassion and subjective well-being: A moderated mediation model of online prosocial behavior and gratitude, Pan Zeng, Jia Nie, Jingyu Geng, Hongxia Wang, Xiaoyuan Chu, Lin Qi, Pengcheng Wang, Li Lei
  • Undergraduate school psychology courses: A potential tool for diversifying the field of school psychology?, Joel O. Bocanegra, Sally L. Grapin, Yanchen Zhang, Aaron A. Gubi
  • Feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary findings of a school-based intervention for recently arrived immigrant middle-school students, Pei-Wen W. Ma, Aileen Torres, Marsha A. Akoto
  • Graduate training in school psychology: Applied behavior analysis and autism spectrum disorder, Amanda P. Marshall, Yi Ding, Abigail Harris, Akane Zusho, Yangqian Shen, Ying Wu
  • Belonging from the perspectives of individuals with disabilities: A scoping review, Alexandra R. Raines, Grace L. Francis, Megan Fujita, Anna Macedonia

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