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Psychology in the Schools

Référence :  Vol. 60, n°4, avril 2023

  • “Everyone has their story”: Intergroup dialogue's potential to cultivate connection through the sharing of migration narratives, Elena Maker Castro, Christian Medina, Carola Suárez-Orozco
  • Team sports participation, depression, and suicidal ideation in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning adolescents, David LaRocca, Katherine A. James, Sophie Rosenberg, Ming Ma, Ashley Brooks-Russell
  • The role of math anxiety in the relationship between approximate number system and math performance in young children, Mehmet Hayri Sarı, Monika Szczygieł
  • Related research between college students' mobile game addiction, mobile self-efficacy, and academic performance in Taiwan, Kuo-Ming Chu
  • Elementary teacher occupational health outcomes across schools with varying resources and demographics, Kristen C. Mosley, Christopher J. McCarthy, Richard G. Lambert, Paul G. Fitchett, Jendayi B. Dillard
  • Group sleep intervention with adolescents attending a pupil referral unit using youth participation methodology: A report of the development of an intervention in practice, Alexis Carey, Rachel Povey
  • Psychometric properties of the Greek translation of the Friendship Quality Questionnaire, Sofia Kouvava, Katerina Antonopoulou, Constantinos M. Kokkinos, Ioanna Voulgaridou
  • The mental health and suicide prevention training module of the French sanitary service: Effectiveness on health students, Marielle Wathelet, Arnaud Dezetree, Cécile Guénard, Stéphane Duhem, Vincent Chouraki, Pierre Thomas, Pierrine Aly, Charles-Edouard Notredame
  • Regulatory focus and creativity: Adaptive-innovative cognitive style as a mediator and school climate as a moderator, Ling Wang, Dan Yang, Yue Cui, Jie Zheng, Jin Wang, Yixue Yang, Zheng Lu
  • The efficacy and feasibility of the Arizona attorney general's school-based cyber-safety promotion and cyberbullying prevention intervention among middle school adolescents in Oman, Jalal K. Damra, Omar Al Omari
  • Academic procrastination using social media: A cross-sectional study with middle school students on the buffering and moderator roles of self-control and gender, Servet Üztemur, Erkan Dinç
  • Worry and fear during the COVID-19 epidemic normalization: Analyzing prevalence and risk factors among 182,991 high school students in China, Qingqing Xu, Keliang Fan, Dandan Wei, Pengling Liu, Juan Wang, Xian Wang, Xiaomin Lou, Hualiang Lin, Chongjian Wang, Cuiping Wu, Zhenxing Mao
  • Digital experiences of children and adolescents in India: New challenges for school counsellors, Tanni Choudhury, Rashmi Choudhury
  • Considerations for conducting legal and ethical ACEs screening in schools, Samira Amirazizi, Erin Dowdy, Jill Sharkey, Miya Barnett
  • Evaluating the rationale and evidence supporting executive functions skills instruction in the classroom: A critical review, Joseph D'Intino
  • Witnessing cyberbullying and suicidal ideation among middle school students, Diana M. Doumas, Aida Midgett
  • Increasing the recruitment and retention of REM students within school psychology: The potential of diversity committees, Karissa Lim, Kayla Staubi, Lyndsay Adams, Jamie Higa, Kayla Parr, Elyse Frank, Prerna G. Arora
  • Exploring the factors relating to academic resilience among students with socioeconomic disadvantages: Factors from individual, school, and family domains, Tianxue Cui, Chester Chun Seng Kam, Emily Hongzhen Cheng, Qimeng Liu
  • Preservice teachers' impressions of psychoeducational reports, Deanna C. Friesen, Colin B. King, Barbara Fenesi
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on school psychology internship outcomes, Julie Q. Morrison, Kizzy Albritton, Elana Bernstein, Susan C. Davies, Laurice Joseph, Katherine R. Mezher, Jennifer Reynolds, Richard W. VanVoorhis
  • Relationship between professional identity, career satisfaction, value of competence and growth, and job burnout: A cross-sectional study of primary and secondary school teachers in China, Luyun Xu, Xinwei Li, Changkang Sun, Binghai Sun, Weijian Li
  • Path analysis of factors affecting depression in medical students, Parisasadat Bahroodi, Reza Zeighami, Ali Sheidaei
  • Investigation of the relationships between ADHD risk and digital screen exposure in children aged 4–11: A large population study in Turkey, Selim Gunuc
  • Communicating for workplace connection: A longitudinal study of the outcomes of listening training on teachers' autonomy, psychological safety, and relational climate, Guy Itzchakov, Netta Weinstein, Eli Vinokur, Avinoam Yomtovian
  • Effects of the HORS-PISTE universal anxiety prevention program measured according to initial level of student problems, Danyka Therriault, Julie Lane, Andrée-Anne Houle, Audrey Dupuis, Patrick Gosselin, Isabelle Thibault, Patricia Dionne, Pascale Morin, Magali Dufour

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