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Psychology in the Schools

Référence :  Vol. 60, n°2, février 2023

Thème :  Best Pratices in Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Integrating evaluation data to enhance treatment planning for students with ASD, Melissa A. Bray, Brittany A. Dale
  • Relationship of executive functioning and memory to autism symptomology and adaptive functioning: Implications for reducing future underemployment, Maria E. Hernández Finch, Beth Trammell, Asia R. Hulse, William H. Finch, Aimee Wildrick, Elizabeth F. Floyd, Jenna Pittenger, David E. McIntosh
  • Diagnosis and treatment children and adolescents with autism and ADHD, Burt Hatch, Girija Kadlaskar, Meghan Miller
  • Evaluating psychometric properties of common autism educational identification measures through a culturally and linguistically responsive lens, Jaime Schmidt, Bryn Harris, Maryellen Brunson McClain, Kandice J. Benallie
  • Assessing anxiety in youth with autism spectrum disorder, Lauren J. Moskowitz, Megan Braconnier
  • Evaluating the feasibility of remotely administered curriculum-based measurement for students with autism: A pilot study, Sarah S. Mire, Milena A. Keller-Margulis, Amy K. Izuno-Garcia, Emily R. Jellinek, Elías S. Loría Garro
  • From eligibility assessment to intervention for students with autism spectrum disorder, Sam Goldstein, Tiffany Sellars, Alexandro Velez
  • Integration of physical health and sensory processing assessment for children with autism spectrum disorder in schools, Sierra M. Trudel, Emily L. Winter, Brenna Fitzmaurice, Gina Norman, Clark R. Bray
  • The assessment of creativity for people with autism spectrum disorder, Cheryl Maykel, James C. Kaufman
  • Autism and intersectionality: Considerations for school-based practitioners, Kari A. Sassu, Fred R. Volkmar
  • Supporting practitioners in school-based evaluations of autism spectrum disorders, Sarah W. Harry, Kayla E. Bates-Brantley, Breya L. Whitefield, Brittany A. Dale
  • Performance of children with ASD on the WISC-V ancillary index scales, Brittany A. Dale, William Holmes Finch, Kassie A. R. Shellabarger
  • School psychologists and autism identification: Present challenges and potential solutions, Suzanne G. Margiano, Kari A. Sassu, Brittany A. Dale, Jacqueline M. Caemmerer, Melissa A. Bray, Emily Peters
  • PASS neurocognitive assessment of children with autism spectrum disorder, Tulio M. Otero, Jack A. Naglieri
  • Creative adolescent experiences of education and mental health during COVID-19: A qualitative study, Lauren M. Zaeske, Taylor P. Harris, Amanda Williams, Gretchen Scheibel, Haiying Long, Barbara A. Kerr
  • Best practices and emerging trends in assessment of trauma in students with autism spectrum disorder, George A. Michna, Sierra M. Trudel, Melissa A. Bray, Jessica Reinhardt, Jessica Dirsmith, Lea Theodore, Zheng Zhou, Ishani Patel, Paul Jones, Matthew L. Gilbert
  • Advancing autism technology, Johanna M. deLeyer-Tiarks, Michael G. Li, Michelle Levine-Schmitt, Bryndis Andrade, Melissa A. Bray, Emily Peters

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