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Psychology in the Schools

Référence :  Vol. 59, n°10

  • Embedding equity into school mental health theory, research, and practice: An introduction to the special issue series, Deinera Exner-Cortens, Larissa Gaias, Joni W. Splett, Janine Jones, Whitney Walker
  • Exploring the relationship between teachers' perceptions of cultural responsiveness, student risk, and classroom behavior, Lindsay M. Fallon, Margarida B. Veiga, Annisha Susilo, Patrick Robinson-Link, Talia S. Berkman, Takuya Minami, Stephen P. Kilgus
  • The role of infant and early childhood mental health consultation in reducing racial and gender relational and discipline disparities between Black and white preschoolers, Eva M. Shivers, Flóra Faragó, Diana E. Gal-Szabo
  • Incorporating the indigenous evaluation framework for culturally responsive community engagement, Anisa N. Goforth, Lindsey M. Nichols, Jingjing Sun, Amy Violante, Kelsey Christopher, Niki Graham
  • School racial-ethnic discrimination, rule-breaking behaviors and the mediating role of trauma among Latinx adolescents: Considerations for school mental health practice, Ana Maria Meléndez Guevara MSW, Rebecca M. B. White PhD, MPH, Sarah Lindstrom Johnson PhD, Rajni L. Nair PhD, Kathleen M. Roche MSW, PhD
  • Adult and student perspectives on racial and ethnic equity-informed school-based strategies, Charles H. Lea III, Kristin J. McCowan, Tiffany M. Jones, Angela Malorni
  • Improving a universal intervention for reducing exclusionary discipline practices using student and teacher guidance, Rhonda N. T. Nese, María Reina Santiago-Rosario, Saki Malose, Jillian Hamilton, Joseph F. T. Nese, Rob Horner
  • Asian American adolescents' mental health literacy and beliefs about helpful strategies to address mental health challenges at school, Jia Li Liu, Cixin Wang, Kieu Anh Do, Diksha Bali
  • Art-based mindfulness at school: A culturally responsive approach to school mental health, Janine M. Jones, Lisa H. Lee
  • Friendship quality and ethnocultural boys: An exploratory evaluation of the WiseGuyz Program, Deinera Exner-Cortens, Caroline Claussen, Stefan Lewis, Abimbola M. Orukpe, Kerry Coupland

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