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Psychology in the Schools

Référence :  Vol. 59, n°9, septembre 2022

  • Using latent profile analysis to investigate emotional intelligence profiles in a sample of American university students, Christopher L. Thomas, Joshua A. Heath
  • A mixed-method study examining solutions to common barriers to teachers' adoption of evidence-based classroom practices, James L. Merle, Madeline F. Larson, Clayton R. Cook, Stephanie K. Brewer, Corinne Hamlin, Mylien Duong, Jenna L. McGinnis, Andrew J. Thayer, Larissa M. Gaias, Aaron R. Lyon
  • Perceived stress and wellbeing in Romanian teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic: The intervening effects of job crafting and problem-focused coping, Geanina C. Ciuhan, Ruxandra G. Nicolau, Dragos Iliescu
  • Online self-regulated learning and academic procrastination: A moderated mediation model, Minjie Ma, Miao Li, Qianqian Wang, Arui Qiu, Tingzhao Wang
  • Research to practice to research: Examining who, how, what, when, and where for early literacy interventions within tiered frameworks, Adrienne Stuckey, Kizzy Albritton, Kenia Cruz
  • Social-emotional learning and physical activity in schools: Practitioner perspectives and initial measurement development, Scott B. Greenspan, Sara A. Whitcomb, Zachary A. Santana, Sarah Fefer, Laura Hayden
  • Sympathy and active defending behaviors among Chinese adolescent bystanders: A moderated mediation model of attitude toward bullying and school connectedness, Tingting Feng, Xinyi Wang, Qiuxu Chen, Xingchang Liu, Lihong Yang, Simeng Liu, Yuchi Zhang

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