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Psychology in the Schools

Référence :  Vol. 59, n°6, mai 2022

  • Teachers’ consistency of emotional support moderates the association between young children's regulation capacities and their preschool adjustment, Craig S. Bailey, Ashlin R. Ondrusek, Timothy W. Curby, Susanne A. Denham
  • Relationship between perceived social media addiction and social media applications frequency usage among university students, Fatima Zehra Allahverdi
  • School engagement and self-esteem among Turkish secondary school students: A moderated-mediation model for academic achievement and gender, Ali Karababa
  • Beyond counting the correct responses: Metacognitive monitoring and score estimations in mathematics, Tahsin Oğuz Başokçu, Mehmet Akif Güzel
  • Mothers' and teachers' experience of school re-entry after a child's prolonged absence due to severe illness, Meirav Hen
  • Advancing mental health screening in schools: Innovative, field-tested practices and observed trends during a 15-month learning collaborative, Elizabeth H. Connors, Kathryn Moffa, Taneisha Carter, John Crocker, Jill H. Bohnenkamp, Nancy A. Lever, Sharon A. Hoover
  • School-based child abuse prevention: The role of school climate in intervention outcomes for teachers, Melissa J. Dudley, Amanda B. Nickerson, Sunha Kim, Jennifer A. Livingston
  • Dreaming college: Transition experiences of undergraduate students with disabilities, Theodoto Ressa
  • Alignment of K-8 mathematics interventions with strands of mathematical proficiency in meta-analytic research, Sandra M. Pulles, Matthew K. Burns
  • A remediation measure as an alternative to grade retention: A study on achievement motivation, Jonathan Smith, Stéphane Paquin, Jérôme St-Amand, Cara Singh, Daniel Moreau, Julie Bergeron, Mylène Leroux
  • Equitable practices in school mental health, Jacob L. DeBoer, Sam F. Allouche, Jennifer I. Vasquez, Judith Rhodes
  • Supporting school-community collaboration for the implementation of a multi-tiered school mental health program: The Behavioral Health Team model, Tali Raviv, Mashana Smith, Laura Hurwitz, Tara L. Gill, Sybil Baker, Stephanie A. Torres, Iman E. Bowen, Colleen Cicchetti

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mot(s) clé(s) :  psychologie de l'éducation, recherche en éducation