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Teaching in focus/ L'enseignement à la loupe

Référence :  n° 25, 2019

Thème :  How education systems respond to cultural diversity in schools: New measures in TALIS 2018



Today’s multicultural learning environments are both a challenge and an opportunity for countries. Education systems not only play a critical role in the integration of students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, but should also aim to have all students value diversity and contribute to the building of a diverse yet inclusive society as global citizens. TALIS 2018 survey questions on diversity are centred on the context of students’ experiences at both the school and classroom level. Therefore, this data is an opportunity to compare teachers’ and schools’ capacities to respond to these objectives, as well as to supplement the body of existing research on student outcomes and achievement. The insights from this data are one-of-a-kind, as they address a critical information gap in educational policy making.

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