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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol.41, n°2, juin 2006

  • Editorial , Martin Lawn, Edwin Keiner
  • What is Changing in Academic Research? Trends and Futures Scenarios , Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin
  • The Bologna Process and the Lisbon Research Agenda: the European Commission's expanding role in higher education discourse , Ruth Keeling
  • The Rise of Global Science and the Emerging Political Economy of International Research Collaborations(1) , Michael A. Peters
  • Bachelor of What, Master of Whom? The Humboldt Myth and Historical Transformations of Higher Education in German-Speaking Europe and the US(1), Mitchell G. Ash
  • Involving Users in Social Science Research — A New European Paradigm? , James Wicham, Gràinne Collins
  • Conceptions of Contemporary European Universities: to do research or not to do research? , Rosemary Deem
  • The Rise and Fall of the Neo-liberal University , Bronwyn Davies, Michael Gottsche, Peter Bansel
  • Is There a Role for Education in the Way towards Stability and Democratisation in the Balkans? A Critical Review of BA.SO.P.ED's Aims and Publications (1997–2004) , Kyriakos Th. Bonidis, George K. Zafiris

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