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Oxford Review of Education

Référence :  Vol. 50, n°2, mars 2024

Thème :  Socio-economic inequality and education

  • Socio-economic inequality and education, Steve Strand
  • Improving but not equalising opportunity: the objective and effect of regulating fair access to higher education in England, and their implications for understanding higher education policy, Chris Millward
  • Can earmarked admission places help address the perceived rural disadvantage in higher education access? Evidence from Romania, Emilia Titan, Adrian Otoiu, Dorel Paraschiv & Daniela Manea
  • The cumulative impact of socioeconomic disadvantage on educational attainment during austerity: a comparative cross-cohort approach, Neil Kaye
  • Direct and indirect influences of familial socioeconomic status on students’ science achievement, Cheng Yong Tan
  • Inside mathematics learning inequality: an analysis of Young Lives Survey data, India, Aquib Parvez
  • Serving their communities? The under-admission of children with disabilities and ‘special educational needs’ to ‘faith’ primary schools in England, Tammy Campbell
  • The perceived quality, fairness of and corruption in education in Europe, Bram Spruyt, Filip Van Droogenbroeck & Leandros Kavadias
  • Understanding how institutional dynamics can contribute to educational inequality in Nordic cities, Eli Smeplass, Anna Cecilia Rapp & Anabel Corral-Granados

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