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Oxford Review of Education

Référence :  Vol. 50, n°1, janvier 2024

  • Foreword to the fiftieth volume, Jo-Anne Baird, Victoria Elliott & Steve Strand
  • Track prejudice in Belgian secondary schools: examining the influence of social-psychological and structural school features, Lorenz Dekeyser, Mieke Van Houtte, Charlotte Maene & Peter Stevens
  • Is a more selective exit exam related to shadow education use? An analysis of two cohorts of final-year secondary school students in the Netherlands, Daury Jansen, Louise Elffers, Suzanne Jak & Monique L. L. Volman
  • Using GIS to analyse early years provision in Northern Ireland – adding another year of segregated education?, Stephen Roulston & Sally Cook
  • Predictors and mediators of pressure/tension in university students’ distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic: A self-determination theory perspective, Elif Manuoğlu & Elis Güngör
  • The complexity of student-led research: from terminology to practice in a case study of three countries, Daria Khanolainen, Victoria Cooper, David Messer & Elena Revyakina
  • Identifying a research agenda for postgraduate taught education in the UK: lessons from a machine learning facilitated systematic scoping review, Gale Macleod, Marshall Dozier, Rosa Marvell, Gerri Matthews-Smith, Malcolm R. Macleod & Jing Liao
  • Perceptions of key education actors towards PISA: the case of Scotland, Mobarak Hossain
  • Anxiety and performance during tests: the roles of coping and updating, Luis Rojas-Torres, Luis A. Furlan, Vanessa Smith-Castro & Guaner Rojas-Rojas

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