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British Journal of Special Education (BJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 50, n°4, décembre 2023

  • Editorial, Graham Hallet, Fiona Hallet
  • Developing soft (employability) skills and work experience opportunities to prepare students with intellectual disability for open employment, Kirsty Young, Donna Rooney
  • Dyslexia as ‘paradox’, Craig Collinson
  • School teachers' knowledge and perceptions of inclusive education in Fiji, Jonathan Chitiyo, Victor Alasa
  • Implementation of inclusive education in Ghana: The mission of SENCos, Martha-Pearl Okai
  • Teaching daily living skills to an adolescent with autism in a real-life setting, Serap Dogan
  • Teaching online amid the Covid-19 pandemic: Exploring first-time online lecturers' lived experiences, Jubilee Chikasha


  • A new National Professional Qualification (NPQ) for SENCos in England, Christopher Robertson

Politics Page

  • Scotland: Children's rights legislation revisited, John Perry

Book Reviews

  • Researching special and inclusive education, Gaye Tyler-Merrick
  • Researching special and inclusive education, James Hardy

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