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Encyclopaideia (EnCP)

Référence :  Vol. 27, n°67, décembre 2023

  • Palomar educatore, Daniele Bruzzone


  • Lived Time in Moments of Unease: Responsibility and Genuine Time in Professional Practice, Helene Thorsteinson, Tone Saevi
  • A Review of the Effect of Reading Engagement on Reading Achievement, Aihua Zhu, Samah Ali Mohsen Mofreh, Sultan Salem, Zhinan Li, Mao Yao
  • The Benefits of Writing in Educational Practice with Adolescents. An Experience at a Therapeutic Day Care Center, Sara Cossali, Alessandra Rampani
  • Autoethnography as a Qualitative Methodology: Conceptual Foundations, Techniques, Benefits and Limitations, Kudzayi Savious Tarisayi
  • Confiscated Assets and School: From the Narration to the Experiences of Pathways for Soft Skills and Orientation, Patrizia Belfiore, Antonio Esposito, Domenico Tafuri
  • The “No-Visitor Policies” Among Lonely Patients, Powerless Caregivers, and Exhausted Health Professionals. Pedagogical Perspectives to Rebuild a Fractured Alliance, Natascia Bobbo


  • Preparing an Effective School Trip: Precision Work, Raffaele Beretta Piccoli
  • Beyond the Veil: A Phenomenology of the Educational Gaze, Paolo Pantrini


  • Daniele Bruzzone, Emotional Life: Phenomenology, Education and Care, “Phänomenologische Erziehungswissenschaft” vol. 14, Springer VS, Wiesbaden, 2023, Malte Brinkmann

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