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Research in Education

Référence :  Vol. 117, n°1, novembre 2023

Thème :  Climate Change and Educational Research: Mapping Resistances and Futurities



  • Climate change and educational research: Mapping resistances and futurities, Marcia McKenzie, Joseph Henderson, Fikile Nxumalo


  • Inefficiently mapping extinction: A research-creation, practice-led approach to visualising biodiversity loss, Linda Knight
  • Colonial crises of imagination, climate fictions, and English literary education, Sarah E. Truman
  • Encountering creative climate change pedagogies: Cartographic interruptions, Fikile Nxumalo, Pablo Montes
  • The incommensurability of digital and climate change priorities in schooling: An infrastructural analysis and implications for education governance, Marcia McKenzie, Kalervo N Gulson
  • Climate change as superordinate curriculum?, David Long, Joseph Henderson
  • “We’re fighting for our lives”: Centering affective, collective and systemic approaches to climate justice education as a youth mental health imperative, Maria Vamvalis

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