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International Journal of Science Education (IJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 45, n°18, décembre 2023

  • ‘So basically I have to speak less and give students some freedom’: how committing to a value influences a teacher’s enactment of an inquiry-based science unit, Chaitanya Ursekar & Shweta Naik
  • Invisible barriers: how gender and class intersect to impact upon science participation in Irish secondary schools, Neasa Boyle, Kevin Marshall & Katriona O’Sullivan
  • The productive interplay between student-student and teacher-student dialogic interactions and the affordances of student generated explanatory drawings to understand plate tectonics, Felicity McLure, Mihye Won & David F. Treagust
  • Developing geo-sequential reasoning about tectonic processes using computational simulations, Amy Pallant, Sarah Pryputniewicz & Hee-Sun Lee

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