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British Journal of Sociology of Education (BJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 44, n°7, novembre 2023

  • Urban neighbourhoods and guidance counselling in basic education: a spatial justice approach, Mira Kalalahti
  • Mathematics homework and the potential compounding of educational disadvantage, Lisa O’Keeffe, Carolyn Clarke, Sarah McDonald & Barbara Comber
  • School differences on whether and where students apply to university, Lucy Prior & George Leckie
  • Coaching for privilege: coaches, soccer, and education in professional sports clubs in high-SES cities in Israel, Tamir Erez & Avihu Shoshana
  • Reconsidering and teaching sociologies in Zambian teacher education: seeking Mbuyi, Mulenga, and Munkombwe, Matthew A. M. Thomas, Janet Serenje & Ferdinand Mwaka Chipindi

Book Review

  • Emergency remote scholarship – publishing beyond the pandemic. Pandemic pedagogies: teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, edited by J. M. Ryan, 2023, Routledge, London, Pages: 236, Neil Selwyn
  • Countering whiteness and the culture trap in education. Racism in education in Britain: addressing structural oppression and the dominance of racism, by Gill Crozier, Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature, 2023. 284pp. The culture trap: ethnic expectations and unequal schooling for black youth, by Derron Wallace, New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2023. 290 pp. Manuel Madriaga

Review symposium

  • The degree generation: the making of unequal graduate lives, by N. Ingram, A.-M. Bathmaker, J. Abrahams, L. Bentley, H. Bradley, T. Hoare, V. Papafilippou, and R. Waller, 2023, Bristol University Press, Bristol, UK, GPB 14.99, 212 p, Rita Hordósy

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mot(s) clé(s) :  sociologie de l'éducation

catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation