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American Educational Research Journal (AERJ)

Référence :  Vol. 60, n°6, décembre 2023

  • “They Don't Feel Like This Is Their Place Anymore:” School Leaders’ Understanding of the Impacts of Gentrification on Schools, Terrance L. Green, Andrene Castro, Emily Germain, Jeremy Horne, Chloe Sikes, Joanna Sanchez
  • Assessing Licensure Test Performance and Predictive Validity for Different Teacher Subgroups, James Cowan, Dan Goldhaber, Zeyu Jin, Roddy Theobald
  • The First-Grade Outcomes of Pre-K Attendees: Examining Benefits as a Function of Skill Type, Environments, and Subgroups, Arya Ansari, Kathryn Zimmermann, Robert C. Pianta, Jessica V. Whittaker, Virginia E. Vitiello
  • Advocacy Stories: Equity Literacy Practices of White Low Income Mothers Navigating School Reform, Christy Wessel-Powell PhD, Alexandra Panos PhD, Gina Weir PhD
  • The Winds of Changes: How Research Alliances Respond to and Manage Shifting Field-Level Logics, Matthew Shirrell, Joshua L. Glazer, Megan Duff, Dryw Freed
  • Context Matters as Racialization Evolves: Exploring Bias in Preservice Teacher Responses to Children, Sherick A. Hughes, Wenyang Sun, Pamela W. Garner, Kamilah B. Legette, Amy G. Halberstadt

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