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Journal of Curriculum Studies

Référence :  Vol. 55, n°5, novembre 2023

  • Knowledge and the New Zealand curriculum ‘refresh’, Graham McPhail, Barbara Ormond & Alexis Siteine
  • Participation in national curriculum reform - coherence from complexity, Sanna-Mari Salonen-Hakomäki & Tiina Soini
  • National Curriculum and Assessment in England and the continuing narrowed experiences of lower-attainers in primary schools, Eleanore Hargreaves, Laura Quick & Denise Buchanan
  • Framing curriculum making: bureaucracy and couplings in school administration, Wieland Wermke, Ronny Freier & Daniel Nordholm
  • “Safety” and “integration”: examining the introduction of disaster into the science curriculum in South Korea, Wonyong Park, Hyunju Lee, Yeonjoo Ko & Hyunok Lee
  • Vygotsky’s perezhivanies with Dewey’s occupations: Improving integration of teaching and assessing via creative learning units, John Quay, Ben Williams, Jason Pietzner, Abbey Boyer, David Browning & Adam Brodie-McKenzie
  • The racism of Maria Montessori, Thomas Fallace

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