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Higher Education Quaterly

Référence :  Vol. 77, n°4, octobre 2023

  • Challenges and policies for promoting internationalization—The case of Iranian public universities, Mohammad Moshtari, Sorour Delbakhsh, Maryam Ghorbani
  • University entrepreneurial performance: A Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis, Lurdes D. Patrício, João J. Ferreira
  • Understanding effects of COVID-19 on undergraduate academic stress, motivation and coping over time, Lisa Fridkin, Neus Bover Fonts, Katie Quy, Nadine Zwiener-Collins
  • ‘They don't realise how hard it is’. Investigating the lived experiences of higher education students with parental responsibilities during the Covid-19 pandemic, Sarah E. Holmes, Zoi Nikiforidou
  • Reconceptualise a dynamic framework of the learning constructs in higher education, Gretchen Geng, Yue Zhu, Leigh Patrick Disney
  • Using sensemaking as a lens to assess student learning on corporate social responsibility and sustainability, Lutz Preuss, Isabel Fischer, John M. Luiz
  • Understanding the emergence of females as leaders in academia: The intersections of gender stereotypes, status and emotion, Nurdiana Gaus, Nasrullah Larada, Syakir Jamaluddin, Muhammad Azwar Paramma, Abdul Karim
  • Re-examining and developing the notion of academic citizenship: A critical literature review, Joclarisse Albia, Ming Cheng
  • Undergraduates' orientations towards student–university relationships: Measurement and associations with student characteristics and engagement, Natalia Maloshonok, Irina Shcheglova, Svetlana Zhuchkova
  • Why does researchers' collaboration matter in research activities?, Kelefa Mwantimwa, Mohamed Kassim
  • Unpacking (un)conscious social class bias in faculty hiring processes in Chile: PhD prestige granting university and network, Roxana Chiappa
  • Being our best: Understanding the relationship between empowerment and employee engagement among midlevel student affairs professionals, Jon McNaughtan, Tiberio Garza, Dustin Eicke, Hugo A. Garcia, Mary Ann Bodine Al-Sharif
  • Developing a comprehensive leadership development model in higher education context: A co-design approach, Ngoc Bich Khuyen Dinh, Chang Zhu, Zhengwen Qi, Yasar Kondakci
  • Internationalization policy in Japanese university prospectuses, Robert C. Morel
  • Research-teaching nexus: The new answer to the old question, Victor Krakovich, Dennis Coates, Elena Shakina
  • The diversity of university disciplinary profiles in research and teaching, Angelika Tsivinskaya
  • Effects of performance management systems–strategy alignment on lecturers' engagement with knowledge transfer: A perspective from Spain, Mercedes Barrachina-Palanca, Maria Beatriz Gonzalez-Sanchez, Cristina Gutiérrez-López
  • The multidisciplinary roots of higher education research: An analysis of citation patterns, Andrey Lovakov, Maria Yudkevich
  • Does universities' posting strategy influence their social media engagement? An analysis of the top-ranked higher education institutions in different countries, Paul Capriotti, Rodolfo Martínez-Gras, Ileana Zeler
  • Understanding the performance of universities to promote technological innovation and transformation: An application to China based on a new network data envelopment analysis cross-efficiency model, Yaotian Sun, Ruchuan Zhang, Liqi Hu, Aijun Li
  • Learning (abroad) mobility in the European Union: A comparison of youth in and out of higher education, Yakup Öz

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