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British Journal of Educational Studies (BJES)

Référence :  Vol. 71, n°6, octobre 2023

  • Long-term mental health impacts of the covid-19 pandemic on university students in the UK: a longitudinal analysis over 12 months, Rosie Allen, Chathurika Kannangara & Jerome Carson

  • Socio-Economic Inequality in Young People’s Financial Capabilities, Jake Anders, John Jerrim & Lindsey Macmillan

  • “Just take your time and talk to us, okay?” – international education students facilitating and promoting interculturality in online initial interactions, Mei Yuan, Fred Dervin, Yuyin Liang & Heidi Layne

  • Reflections on How Young Children Develop a Sense of Beauty and Should Be Guided in Doing so, Tony Eaude

  • Precarity in Higher Education: Perspectives from the 1.5 Generation in Israel, Victoria Kot & Miri Yemini

  • Who responds to phishing emails? An international investigation of 15-year-olds using pisa data, John Jerrim

Book Review

  • Teacher Education and Play Pedagogy: International Perspectives Edited by Eleni Loizou and Jeffrey Trawick Smith. Pp 226. Abingdon: Routledge. 2022, Karen Vincent

  • The pursuit of pleasurable work: Craftwork in twenty-first century England By Trevor H. J. Marchand. Pp 482. Oxford: Berghahn. 2021, Christine Wall

  • Educating character through the arts, Edited by Laura D’Olimpio, Panos Paris, and Aidan P. Thompson. Pp 192. Abingdon: Routledge. 2023, Tony Eaude

  • Queer precarities in and out of higher education: challenging institutional structures Edited by Yvette Taylor, Matt Brim, and Churnjeet Mahn. Pp 195. London: Bloomsbury. 2023, Jack Mckinlay

  • The science of children’s religious and spiritual development By Annette Mahoney. Pp 94. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2021, L. Philip Barnes

  • Religion in schools: learning lessons from Wales By Russell Sandberg. Pp 118 + xiv. London: Anthem Press. 2022, L. Philip Barnes

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