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Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs (JORSEN)

Référence :  Vol. 23, n°4, octobre 2023

  • Reducing physical restraint in educational settings: a systematic literature review, Bethany Hodgkiss, Emma Harding
  • Using a 10-day mindfulness-based app intervention to reduce burnout in special educators, Amy Russell, Sinéad Smyth
  • Preparing German pre-service teachers in special needs education for school development—Can we do otherwise?, Katharina Resch, Eva Hartmüller, Sarah Walczuch, Sabine Marschall
  • The professional role and exercise of the role of educational assistance professionals in schools with School Integration Programs in Chile, Katherine Andrea Dinamarca-Aravena
  • Promoting basic arithmetic competence in early school years–using a response to intervention model, Helena Roos, Linda Fälth, Lena Karlsson, Camilla Nilvius, Heidi Selenius, Idor Svensson
  • The attitudes of parents of typically developing students towards including students with disabilities in mainstream classrooms in the United Arab Emirates, Samir Jabra Dukmak, Mahmoud Gharaibeh, Razan Numan Alkhatib, Mervat Amin Ijha
  • Nonword reading and other reading-related skills in Down syndrome, Loredana Muscat, Helen Grech
  • Coping with distance learning during COVID-19 and its impact on students' emotional experiences: Differences between students with and without special education needs, Marcela Pozas, Verena Letzel-Alt
  • The relationship between quality of the present level of academic achievement and functional performance statement and student learning, Matthew K. Burns, Erica S. Lembke, McKinzie D. Duesenberg-Marshall, Stephanie Hopkins, Stacy Hirt, Monica E. Romero, Elizabeth Thomas, Jo Ann Steinbauer, Amber Del Gaiso, Scott Crooks
  • Development and validation of a short form of the Teacher Efficacy for Inclusive Practices Scale (TEIP-SF), C. Sahli Lozano, S. Wüthrich, N. Baumli, U. Sharma, T. Loreman, C. Forlin

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