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Educational Researcher (ER)

Référence :  Vol. 52, n°6, août/septembre 2023

  • Portraying Teacher Education for Inclusion: An Analysis of the Institutional Discourse of Dual Certification Programs, Joyce Gomez-Najarro, Marleen C. Pugach, Linda P. Blanton
  • The Effect of Right to Work Laws on Union Membership and School Resources: Evidence from 1942–2017, Melissa Arnold Lyon
  • Redrawing Attendance Boundaries to Promote Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Elementary Schools, Nabeel Gillani, Doug Beeferman, Christine Vega-Pourheydarian, Cassandra Overney
  • Choosing Alone? Peer Continuity Disparities in Choice-Based Enrollment Systems, Nicholas D. E. Mark, Sean P. Corcoran, Jennifer L. Jennings


  • Rethinking School Improvement Organizations: Understanding Their Variety, Benefits, Risks, and Future Directions, Jose Eos Trinidad
  • Toward a Conceptual Understanding of Inclusion as Intersubjective Experiences, Justin A. Haegele, Anthony J. Maher


  • School Disruptions Exacerbated Inequality in High School Completion, Ran Liu

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