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European Journal of Teacher Education

Référence :  Vol. 74, n°4, septembre/octobre 2023

Thème :  “Placing Equity Front and Center” for Teacher Education in a Time of Crisis



  • “Placing Equity Front and Center” for Teacher Education in a Time of Crisis, Kathy McDonough, Sonia Nieto, Valerie Hill-Jackson, Cheryl Craig


  • Becoming Equitable Educators: Practical Measures to Support Teachers’ Dispositional Growth, Bryant Jensen, Erin Feinauer Whiting, Jimmy Hernández, Xiaohang Zhang, Diego Pliego, Richard Sudweeks


  • Rethinking Dispositions in Teaching and Teacher Education: Virtue and the Manners of Democracy as a Way of Life, Robert V. Bullough, Jr.
  • The Intersection of Equity Pedagogy and Technology Integration in Preservice Teacher Education: A Scoping Review, Lauren Weisberg, Kara Dawson


  • Developing an Equity-Centered Practice: Teacher Study Groups in the Preservice Context, Allison R. Firestone, Rebecca A. Cruz, Darcie Massey
  • Pushing Through: Developing Teacher Identity Under Times of Crisis, Stephanie C. Sanders-Smith, Ana Aracelly Olguín, Kutasha Bryan-Silva
  • When Shutting the Door Won’t Do: Teaching With the Specter of Community Backlash and the Implications for Teacher Education, Rachel Ranschaert
  • Mapping How Teachers Become Culturally Responsive, Hillary Parkhouse, Robyn Lyn, Elizabeth Severson-Irby, Erin Drulis, Jesse Senechal, Fantasy Lozada
  • The Development of Collaborative Advocacy: Dialogic Engagements Over Time and Texts, Catherine J. Michener, Sora Suh

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