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Research in Education

Référence :  Vol. 116, n°1, août 2023

  • Teacher motivation in Chile: Motivational profiles and teaching quality in an incentive-based education system, Miguel Órdenes, Ernesto Treviño, Rosario Escribano, Diego Carrasco
  • ‘Dare to be silent’: Re-conceptualising silence as a positive pedagogical approach in schools, Feng Su, Margaret Wood, Robert Tribe
  • Sources and consequences of teacher attrition in large-scale intervention impact studies, Joseph A Taylor, Debi Hanuscin, Okhee Lee, Sharon Lynch, Molly AM Stuhlsatz, Robert Talbot
  • Dualities in creative thinking: a novel approach to teaching and learning creativity, Andrew Rockliffe, Jane Mckay
  • COVID-Pandemic in Nepal: An Opportunity to Institutionalise Local Governance in School Education, Devendra Adhikari, Dr Chandra Sharma Poudyal, Dr Rajan Binayek Pasa
  • The pattern of socio-economic segregation between schools in England 1989 to 2021: The pupil premium, Universal Credit, and Covid-19 eras, Stephen Gorard
  • Problems posing as solutions: Criticising pragmatism as a paradigm for mixed research, Timothy Hampson, Jim McKinley

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