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Giornale Italiano della Ricerca Educativa

Référence :  Vol. 16, n°30, juin 2023


Invited papers

  • Educational practices, evidence-based experimentation and R-A with project, Giuseppe Zanniello


  • Strategies, tools and availability in university contexts. An Inquiry Beyond Corona Teaching, Daniela Robasto
  • Evaluation and quality of education. Which point of arrival?, Renata Maria Viganò


  • Obstacles to socioeconomic integration of low-skilled immigrants: A Spatial Approach in the Case of Greece, Nikolaos Bitsakos
  • Children’s digital skills acquisition in non-formal educational contexts: Pedagogical practices, learning, and inclusion opportunities in coding and robotics workshops, Davide Cino, Silke Brandsen, Nathalie Bressa, Eva Eriksson, Giovanna Mascheroni, Bieke Zaman
  • Automated feedback delivery: a structured model for computer-based adaptive testing, Emanuela Botta
  • Peer Relationships in Class: the Self-Determination Theory Approach to Promote Prosocial Behavior, Sara Germani, Ludovico Vespasiani
  • Validation of the Academic Behavioural Confidence Scale with Italian Teacher Education Students, Valentina Pagani, Stefano Delbosq
  • Assessment approaches and practices of university lecturers: a nationwide empirical research, Beatrice Doria, Valentina Grion, Omar Paccagnella
  • The SACI scale: A Questionnaire to assess Attitudes and Beliefs of teachers in training towards inclusive education, Giusi Castellana, Conny De Vincenzo, Nazarena Patrizi, Valeria Biasi


  • “Assessment is fair if…”. A case study with primary school teachers, Debora Aquario, Clara Andrich

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