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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 58, n°3, septembre 2023

Thème :  Understanding and fostering the development of critical thinking education and competences



  • Understanding and fostering the development of critical thinking education and competences, Jean-Claude Ruano-Borbalan


  • Fostering and assessing student critical thinking: From theory to teaching practice, Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin
  • Assessing and developing critical-thinking skills in higher education, Dirk Van Damme, Doris Zahner, Olivia Cortellini, Teresa Dawber, Kelly Rotholz
  • Challenges to improving higher education students' critical thinking capacity in China, Qinggen Zhang, Zhiyuan Liu, Hong Shen
  • Designing learning environments to promote competent lay engagement with science, Clark A. Chinn, Susan A. Yoon, Huma Hussain-Abidi, Kyle Hunkar, Noora F. Noushad, Amanda M. Cottone, Thomas Richman
  • Critical thinking as the ability to sort and qualify the information available, to form one's own judgement, Elena Pasquinelli, Olivier Richard
  • Fostering critical thinking: Features of powerful learning environments, Jan Elen, An Verburgh
  • Valuing adolescent students' street smarts to foster critical thinking, Maree Davies, Yan Xie, Patrick Girard
  • Patterns and purposes in the uses and misuses of the term ‘critical thinking’ in the social sciences, Tamar Bregvadze, Karim Medjad


  • All that glitters is not gold—Mixed early labour market outcomes of STEM graduates in Poland, Tomasz Z. Zając, Tomasz Żółtak, Marek Bożykowski, Mikołaj Jasiński
  • Conceptualisation of learning to learn competence and the challenges of implementation: The Estonian experience, Eve Kikas, Eve Eisenschmidt, Mikk Granström
  • Defining standards for rankings: An investigation of global university rankings according to the Berlin Principles, Cüneyt Belenkuyu, Engin Karadag

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