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Psychology in the Schools

Référence :  Vol. 60, n°7, juillet 2023

  • Children's engineering-related achievement beliefs and career aspirations: The role of gender, Bobbi Woods, Cindy Faith Miller, Lorey A. Wheeler, Martin Reisslein
  • Understanding continuance intention of social Q&A communities for informal learning among university students, Huijuan Zeng, Zheshi Bao
  • Structural relationship among academic motivation, academic self-efficacy, problem solving skills, creative thinking skills, and critical thinking skills, Şenol Orakci
  • An evaluation of a decision-making model on preservice teachers' instructional decision-making from curriculum-based measurement progress monitoring graphs, Kate LaLonde, Rena VanDerwall, Adrea J. Truckenmiller, Meagan Walsh
  • A Rasch analysis of a rubric that measures the quality of school-level variables that support a school's implementation of a social and emotional learning program over time, Peter Ji
  • The relationship between teacher stress and job satisfaction as moderated by coping, Seth Woods, James Sebastian, Keith C. Herman, Francis L. Huang, Wendy M. Reinke, Aaron M. Thompson
  • Psychometric properties of Persian version of child and youth resilience measure-revised in adolescents, Asma Aghebati, Razieh Javaherirenani, Razieh Amin, Mahdiye Pazhooyan, Hojjatollah Farahani, Pantea Ahadianfard
  • Evidence from single case research on social skills interventions for preschoolers at-risk for EBD: A scoping review and application of quality indicators, Xin Dong, Lisa Sanchez, Mack D. Burke, Lisa Bowman-Perrott
  • Cognitive flexibility and grit during times of crisis for Turkish EFL teachers, Ali Erarslan
  • The effect of teacher, parental, and peer support on later grade point average: The mediating roles of self-beliefs, Sara M. Kristensen, Magnus Jørgensen, Eivind Meland, Helga B. Urke
  • How school belongingness in diverse students moderates student perceptions of teachers' cultural humility in predicting student–teacher working alliance, Chayla R. Slaton, William Lammers, Anna Park
  • Students engagement in distant learning: How much influence do the critical factors have for success in academic performance?, Weiyi Lin, Syed Imran Zaman, Sobia Jamil, Sharfuddin Ahmed Khan
  • Cyber victimization and suicidal behavior in high school students: The mediating role of psychological problems and perceived social support, Niloofar Sarhangi, Mohammad Rostami, Reza Abbasirad, Mohadeseh Fasihi, Soliman Ahmadboukani
  • Acceptability, implementation, and perceived utility of a school-based cognitive-behavioral intervention: A qualitative feasibility study, Micah A. Tilley, Tina Montreuil
  • Effect of Jigsaw and Team Pair-Solo cooperative learning strategies on interest in Basic Science of primary school children with visual impairment, Ogechi Nnamani, Blanche Ntombizodwa Hadebe-Ndlovu, Chinedu I. Okeke, Moses Onyemaechi Ede
  • The influence of gratitude on depressive symptoms among Chinese college students during the COVID-19 pandemic: The moderating effect of psychological capital, Yun Luo, Yuting Deng, Tangsheng Ma, Yan Jiang
  • School-based mental health supports during COVID-19: School professional perspectives, Marisa E. Marraccini, Megan K. R. Griffard, Cason E. Whitcomb, Caitlin Wood, Dana C. Griffin, Cari Pittleman, Lauren Sartain
  • A mind-body medicine curriculum for student peer counselors following a school shooting: A qualitative study, Julie K. Staples, Stephanie Zapata, Monica Fredrickson, Hannah E. Quinn, Lynda Richtsmeier Cyr, Margaret E. Gavian, Laura D. Rountree, James S. Gordon
  • Factor structure of the Five Facets Mindfulness Questionnaire (FFMQ) (15 items) in a collectivist society—Pakistan, Farhan Iqbal, Farah Iqbal, Ghazal Khawaja Humayun
  • Differential effectiveness, efficiency, and acceptability of drill-based interventions targeting multiplication facts, Sarah R. Adams, Kathrin E. Maki
  • Initial development and validation of the School Anxiety Inventory–College Version (SAI-CV), Emily A. Beckmann, Kristen E. Jastrowski Mano
  • Predictors of depression among adolescents joining selected public secondary schools in Nairobi County, Kenya, Aggrey G. Mokaya, Gideon M. Kikuvi, Joseph Mutai, Lincoln I. Khasakhala, Peter Memiah
  • After school: Volunteering in community emergency services and substance use among Israeli adolescents, Fire Gil, Barak Sharon, Hail Shlomi, Carmi Tirtzha, Ben-Meir Lilach, Giladi Ariela, Harel-Fisch Yossi, Tesler Riki
  • Sexual and gender diverse youth's marginalization in school based sex education and development of adaptive competencies, Katie Clonan-Roy, Shereen Naser, Kimberly Fuller, Elizabeth Goncy

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